Welcome To Continence Geelong

We specialize in providing a premium continence service.


Welcome to “Continence Geelong“. The service was established in 2018 to address the needs of people in our Geelong Community including the Bellarine, Surf Coast, Colac, Apollo Bay and Western suburbs of Melbourne, living with continence issues.

Our service will provide specialised continence assessments and a management program to clients with continence issues. 

We have in excess of 40 years experience working across both the public and private health care industry. 


Incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine or faeces that is a social or hygienic problem.

Continence Geelong believes that a person in the community who lives with urinary or faecal incontinence or dysfunction has the right to a full assessment, and the option of any known therapy or management to alleviate distress or discomfort.

Our service believes that these problems can be either cured, improved or effectively managed to reduce the negative outcomes of distress, disease or precipitous placement in hostel or nursing home care.


If you or someone you care for experiences bladder or bowel control problems, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, over 4.8 million Australians experience bladder or bowel control problems. The statistics below demonstrate the widespread nature of incontinence.

Urinary incontinence affects up to 13% of Australian men and up to 37% of Australian women (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, 2006).

65% of women and 30% of men sitting in a GP waiting room report some type of urinary incontinence, yet only 31% of these people report having sought help from a health professional (Byles & Chiarelli, 2003)

70% of people with urinary leakage do not seek advice and treatment for their problem (Millard, 1998: The prevalence of urinary incontinence in Australia, Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal).


Excellence in healthcare, putting people first.

MISSION: Our mission is to ensure the Continence Management is streamlined through the provision of a consistent standardised way for practitioners to:
  • Identify consumer needs
  • Identify appropriate services
  • Make referrals
  • Provide feedback
  • Communicate and coordinate care

VISION: To meet the health and wellbeing needs of our Community, by delivering a comprehensive range of high quality, innovative and valued, health care for clients with continence management issues